SWS & The DRs

by Sean William Spellman



released 29 October 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Shaky Hand demo
Shaky Hand

Hey Mary it's an early day
You've got a man that can't relate
You got a kid they're gonna take away
if you say the wrong thing

Hey baby try to make it right
Try to leave with another guy
Try to go when the moon is high
and the lights are all down

You've been working you've been pourin' drinks
You've been trying out some other things
You've been stayin' out too late I think
But who am I to care

You know I try to be an honest man
but you've been coming home at 3am
You've been holdin' with a shaky hand
Something isn't right

She's got a face that I won't forget
I can see her hair blown' in the wind
I did some things that I will regret
on the day that I go

She's got a reason to go I guess
She's gonna leave on the day she said
I did some things that I will regret
on the day that I die

Yea I know Jake's got a better job
But I am telling you that's all he's got
I saw him down at the liquor stop
Just like your old man

When you ask me how I'm getting by
It is true that you've been on my mind
I've been easy on the bottle like
you said that I should


Where did you go with my shit you had
I've got some clothes and the keys you left
Yea, I got your dress underneath my bed
If you want it back

But I'll be gone if you are stopping by
I'll crack the door and I'll leave the light
I'll make the bed and I'll draw the blinds
If you want to come home
Track Name: Time Until
some days I'm drivin' in my car
sometimes I'm speedin' round
mostly I am just amblin' into town